How to Create the Best TikTok Ads

Native Ads Perform Best

Ads that appear “native” to the platform do best—informal videos, selfie videos, vertical videos, and other informal types of content consistently perform well on TikTok.

Make Your Ads Stand Out With Color Consistency

Use contrasting colors to get your ads to visually “pop.” Make sure your ads remain consistent with your brand’s image. Know your target audience and cater to them.

Tip for App Installs

Remember that for “App Install” ads, viewers see the “Download Card” after 9 seconds. If your video is less than 9 seconds, this download card won’t appear.

Make sure that any important text or graphics from your video remain outside the “Download Card,” otherwise they’ll get blocked.

Test Your Ads

Testing is king. Test various types of images and videos, and use TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization tool to identify which creatives and copy perform best.

Because TikTok is so new, advertisers will constantly experiment to pinpoint which ads convert best on the platform. That said, specific principles—like the ones listed above—will put you on the right track when it comes to advertising on TikTok.

Check out TikTok’s “Creative Tips” for more information about how to create the best TikTok ads.

Create Ads With Sound

Because TikTok is a sound-on platform, ads must include sound to get approval.

Utilize TikTok’s “Creative Safe Zone”

TikTok recommends that your ads fall within a “creative safe zone” to “ensure that your key message and media is clearly displayed.” Ideally you want your ads to fall within the green space.

Abacus Best Practices

Abacus leverages our influencer network to create content that explodes on TikTok. We pay influencers to record videos, and we then acquire the rights to these videos. We use these videos as the creatives for paid ad campaigns; in doing so, we magnify our conversions on these campaigns due to the creative, authentic feel of the content and the name-brand recognition of the influencer.


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