3 Mistakes With TikTok Ads You Should Avoid To Help Your Campaign Soar

Mistake 1: Failure to target the right audience. 

Right now, TikTok has two ad placements that deliver solely to India and Japan: Vigo + Helo (India) and Pangle (Japan). If you forget to deselect these two placements for a US-based campaign, you’ll waste a huge amount of adspend. Additionally, better focus your advertising efforts by remembering to deselect “New Feed App Series.” 

The most streamlined ad campaigns on TikTok will only select “Tiktok” placement. 

For a more test-based approach, you can turn on “News Feed App Series” and choose from TikTok's four bidding methods:

  1. CPM: Cost per thousand impressions 
  2. CPV: Cost per view/pre-defined interaction 
  3. CPC: Cost per click 
  4. oCPC: Optimized cost per click

TikTok also provides a simple chart that displays all its ad placements so advertisers can most effectively target ad campaigns:

Mistake 2: Not realizing that "Automated Creative Optimization" is your best friend

Automated Creative Optimization is one of TikTok’s most powerful tools.

After you input multiple options for your ad copy and creative, TikTok's algorithm delivers ads with various combinations of these values. The algorithm then determines the best-performing ad combinations and runs them automatically.

TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization Tool includes much of the same functionality as Facebook’s Dynamic Ad Creator by allowing advertisers to deliver ads with specific combinations of copy, creative, audience targeting, etc.

However, TikTok’s version of automated creative optimization is superior to Facebook's because it identifies your most effective ad combination. Facebook/Instagram doesn’t allow you to see this—you can’t clearly identify which ad combination performs best.  

Using TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization, you can identify which ad combinations work and employ these strategies in future campaigns. 

Learn more about the differences between TikTok and Facebook Ads managers here. For more information about TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization, see here.

Mistake 3: Not targeting the right language for your TikTok ads

TikTok's “language” field is initially left blank. You must select the language that corresponds to your ads or TikTok may incorrectly reject your ads. 

By avoiding these three common pitfalls, you’ll better leverage TikTok’s advertising potential to create campaigns that effectively reach your target audience.


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