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Tiktok Ads Are Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Google

Facebook ads are everywhere, overdone, and lacking unique flare or intent.

Instagram ads have exploded. If you’re already on it you know how tough it can be. If you’re not on it, you’re-entering one of the most crowded markets for ads Google is for older users searching for specific targets. Users on Google skew older.

Tiktok is young, mobile friendly and highly influential.

The TikTok ads platform is new and TikTok marketing is at its infancy. You can enter in through the ground floor. With expert level guidance you can connect with a new audience and grow your brand.

Why You Need to
Advertise On TikTok

Users are unique to TikTok and not on other major social networks.

Good TikTok marketing can reach millions of users you cant reach anywhere else.

A good TikTok ad is an opportunity to reach audience with a unique message, style and presentation.

Capture younger users who have the potential to grow into brand loyal customers.

Abacus is the leading TikTok Ad Company

Abacus has years of experience creating and optimizing ads across every major social platform.

Abacus is one of the few marketing companies with an inroad into the TikTok ad platform. We can help you get on, and stay on.

Understanding TikTok isn’t easy and our experience takes the guesswork out of it. You reach the audience you want and can watch your brand grow.

Grow Your Audience And Connect With More People Through TikTok

Today is the perfect time to start making your way onto the TikTok ad network.

Reach millions of younger, motivated users and do it before other brands discover the power and master the platform.

Early adoption is key to taking advantage of this massive reach and Abacus can help you get there.

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