Abacus is unlike any other marketing agency.

We’re a group of ex-growth hackers, engineers, designers, and the best ad buyers in the game. We’re versatile. We’ve managed million dollar ad budgets that actualized millions in return. We’ve craftily used Google Maps API to compile a list of companies, then emailed them to help a client achieve 600% growth in their user acquisition at zero cost. We’ve found ways to scrape Facebook groups, extract profile URLs, cross reference the data on LinkedIn with the Bing API (Microsoft owns both), and then enrich this data to get emails. We’ve also grown newsletters like Counterpoint.com to over 250,000 subscribers in 1 year.

After recently realizing the marketing power and potential behind TikTok, a large component of our advertising thesis centers around the ability to go viral on that platform. We’ve helped numerous brands achieve this goal, and we’re one of the only agencies allowed to advertise on the platform.

Our unconventional past helps us think outside the box, and our influencer network—combined 150 million followers—allows us to leverage some of the biggest names in the game. We bring both these assets to the table with our approach to TikTok.

We also work alongside some very industry specific influencers to identify extremely engaged segments on TikTok. Powered by our stellar team, these campaigns have and will continue to go viral.

We take pride in the fact that we’re selective with our clients. We want to work with people whose ethos aligns with ours. When our clients sign with us, their mission becomes our mission. Your success is our success. We’re with you every step of the way.

Most ad agencies might pressure you to sign long-term contracts; it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of these huge growth companies. By locking their clients into long-term contracts, other ad agencies buy themselves time and have less incentive to produce results.  

Abacus not only delivers you the best results, but we also ask that you only sign an initial one month contract. We want to prove our value to you before anything else. And we want you to ask us to sign on longer.

Let’s go viral.

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